Jewish Feminism is a website that provides information regarding Jewish feminism and Jew feminist. What is feminism?. Is known as the advocacy of women's rights on social, political and economic equality as men. It's basically a variety of movements which helps women to be treated equally. This movement is directly focused on women's issues. They seek to have equality of gender between men and women.

What is feminism?. Is a term, which is known as the belief for both sexual genders to have equality. The feminist theories had emerged in the early 1970s. The feminist theory is basically a theory which aims the understanding of the gender inequality and women's rights, issues and interests. This theory examines the women lived experience and social roles. They examine politics for feminists in various fields such as: Communication, economics, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, education and literary criticism.

The Jewish feminism is an important movement, which aims for the improvement of social status of the women within Judaism, legal and religious. The Jewish feminism also aims for Jewish women to have new opportunities for religious experience and leadership. Judaism is the philosophy, way of life and religion of Jewish people. There holy book name is the Hebrew Bible also known as the Takakh. Judaism is known as one of the oldest monotheistic religions and to survive into our present day. Monotheism is defined as the belief in the existence of only one God.

The Jewish feminism movement has been active in the United States since the 1970s. Judith Plaskow is a Jew feminist and professor of Religious Studies in New York city. She was mainly focused on Reform Judaism. A feminist is a person whose behavior and beliefs are based on feminism. The Reform Judaism is a variety of beliefs, organizations and practices involved with the reform Jewish movement of the United States, United Kingdom, etc. The Reform Jewish Movement is a religious and historic social Jewish feminism movement that was established in the United States and Europe in the early nineteenth century. This movement is now named Reformed Society of Israelites because they promote the true principles of Judaism according to its spirit and purity.

The majority of Jew feminist resources provide to all individuals interested in Jewish feminism the following: Information, news, websites, organizations, etc. A list of some of the most famous Jewish feminist individuals are: Bella Abzug, Gloria Allred, Pauline Bebe, Tina Greenberg, Tova Hartman, Paula Hyman, Cathy Young, Susan Sontag, Ariel Levy, Barbara Kruger, Brenda Howard, Rachel Adler, etc.

The feminist theology is a movement that is found in various religions such as: Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, etc. They want to reconsider these religions from a woman perspective. The main goal of the theology is to increase the role of women with the religious authorities, determine women's place on regards to their motherhood and career and reinterpreted male dominated language about God. In this website you will find all information related to Jew feminist and Jewish feminism.

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